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                       History of Lone Oak Farm

The land comprising Lone Oak Farm is part of a 430 acre tract claimed by Andrew Van Swearingen February 25, 1789.  Van as he was most often called was the first sheriff of Washington County.  Following his death in December of 1793 the land was passed to his daughter Drusilla who was the wife of noted frontiersman Samuel Brody.

In 1816 the timber frame barn, presently used for cut tree sales, was erected.  (1816 was known as the year it snowed in July but that is a more involved story) Over the ensuing years, the total acreage of the farm decreased to 100.  In 1913 Arthur O. Hank (Grandfather of the current owner) purchased the farm.  Following his death in 1926 his widow and five children faced many struggles to maintain ownership of the farm.  Eventually under the ownership of the two sons, Jim and Harry "Had" Hank, the farm prospered into a noted local dairy with state of the art facilities and a blue ribbon herd of Guernsey Cows.  The farm provided daily home delivery until the mid 1960's when the brothers retired.

Lone Oak Farm sat dormant until 1990 when Ruth Bucchianeri (Granddaughter of A.O. Hank) and her husband Bernie purchased it.  The couple had been planting trees on the property since the early 1980's.

Today, Lone Oak covers 76 acres and is home to thousands of beautifully manicured Christmas Trees.  Lone Oak's geographical make up also includes hay fields, horse pastures and woodland reserves.  While taking in the natural beauty of the farm visitors should not be surprised if they encounter deer, turkey, pheasants, rabbits and other wildlife which frequent the farm.  

For more information about the history of Lone Oak Farm feel free to ask Ruth and Bernie.  They will be more than happy to talk farm history.








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